Final Project

I made a photo booth for my final project. It works the way one would expect a photo booth would, but also has elements from Japanese photo booths, called Purikura, which are popular in Asia. I’ve always really enjoyed making these photos, which are printed on stickers that people used to stick to their phones (before smartphones existed) but it’s always really expensive. I thought it would be nice to recreate some of the fun on my computer.  There are two key differences between photo booths in the US and Japanese ones is that the Japanese ones edit your pictures to make you more attractive and after the photos are taken, the users can draw on and place images on top of the photos. I really could only do create the latter experience, but think that even without the automatic airbrushing, using this photo booth is a bit of a unique experience for those unfamiliar with Asian culture. I would imagine this version would be used at parties as a kind of replacement for a guest book.

This photo booth takes photos of the users and allows them to select with the number pad and paste with a click of the mouse small images on top of their photos before finally saving the whole collection to the computer. To retake the photos, they can refresh the window and can delete objects they’ve placed using the backspace.

Using this booth is a bit difficult and I’ve left it a bit vague. While I’ve been taking photos in these booths all around the world, I’ve never been with someone that actually can read or understand Japanese, so while there are many clear instructions for how to use the machines, I’m never completely sure if I’ve got it right. I was taught how to use them by people who figured it out on their own and I’ve done the same for others. Still, one is able to choose and paste stamps where they want, deleting images for which they didn’t like the placement. They should also be able to save the images when they’re done, as well.

Below is a demonstration video ft. my roommate.

This is the class using the photobooth

You should be able to check it out here.

The code is available here.

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