a small progress

I was planning on building the plant-sitter last week, but I became really busy with my work and┬ádidn’t have the time to shop around the parts I needed for the plant-sitter. I ordered some parts, seeds and moss online and going to Canal Plastic tomorrow.

I did some research on the plants. I wanted some kind of a goal for this project, so I thought maybe blooming a flower would be a nice goal.

I am thinking of using Peace Lily for this project. Peace Lily needs medium to low light (trying to save con-ed bill here). Keeping the plant in a low light situation without direct sunlight helps the flower to bloom. So, I think controlled sunlight with the plant-sitter’s UV light is actually perfect for Peace Lily.

Peace Lily needs water when the top of the soil is dry. I couldn’t find an exact number for the soil moisture sensor, so I will look deeper.

Also, this is something I didn’t think of when I pitched the idea, but I have to figure out a way to drain water from the plant-sitter. Otherwise the plant will rot.


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