Just Atoms and Bits


This assignment gave me a lot of difficulties. I’m learning both coding and circuits for the first time and really don’t have a firm grasp on either of them. We were supposed to add some sort of time or another interactive element to a circuit you don’t flip with your hands. While trying to come up with an idea, I really wanted to either work with the temperature or the light sensor. A friend told me they didn’t think the temperature sensor was very reliable, so I picked light.

I decided to try to use the book we were given to complete the assignment. I chose one that used the RGB LED, but made a modification to the circuit they presented, which I hoped would allow me to just use one LED for the circuit. Looking back, it may have worked, I may have been using the wrong resistor. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture because I was frustrated with my creation and just wanted something to work.

first failed attempt (or maybe 2nd?)

I tried to find something on the internet that was more simple than the project in the book. I followed a guide from sparkfun.com. Using the schematic they provided, I still wasn’t even able to get the light to shine. Sending a picture to a friend, they suggested some adjustments which allowed me to make the LED glow. After uploading the code I found on the website, it didn’t seem to react to the sensor. Strangely, it seemed to get a little dimmer when it was very dark over the sensor, but the difference was barely recognisable.

Here is the light shining

Here is a picture taken with the flash on my phone turned on, giving the appearance of responsiveness to light

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