Paint by Numbers

This week, we also had to create a self portrait using P5js. I started out really very basic because I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with the software. I knew my biggest challenge would be trying to affect my wavy/curly hair using simple shapes.

I found a current ITP student’s blog that had a similar assignment was able to understand how to represent myself better using P5. So I decided to start over. Here’s an initial sketch I did to try to decide which shapes to use. Here you can see I was trying to decide between using ellipses or quads to do my hair. In the end I used a bit of both.

It took a while to figure out how all the shapes worked. I created outlines first before adding color. Below is what it looked like before trying to fill in my shapes.

My final result ended up being much more detailed than I had initially imagined. I’m still not happy with how my eyes turned out. I realised I’d have to deal with my own internalized racism if I wanted to be happy with any eyes I could make using P5, so I decided to complete  the assignment and deal with it another time.  

I’d like to conclude with a s/o to this incredibly useful skin tone chart, as well as validation that what I made can be recognised as a face.



code can be found on GitHub

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