For the final project, I want to make a plant-sitter. The plant-sitter will water the plant, controls the soil moisture, temperature and amount of UV lights for the plant, and it even plays music for the plant. (Do Plants Like Music?)

The plant-sitter is a sealed dome and it’s completely controlled by a computer. To water the plant, I was thinking of using a servo motor to make a valve. The valve is connected to a water bottle and it will water the plant if it needs to. But I’m not sure if servo motor is strong enough to act as a valve. Also, a human will have to refill the water bottle when it’s empty. There is thermometer and it will tell the fan to control the temperature and also ventilates the dome.

For now, my biggest question is how to turn on the UV light. I don’t think arduino has enough power to turn on the UV light, so I think I have to make some sort of switch to turn the light on and have the light connected to a separate power.

I also want to have an animal’s skull or something that’s not alive in the dome and I want the plant and flower to grow on it.

I got the idea from a movie called “Castle in the Sky”. In the movie, there is an old castle that’s floating in the sky. The castle is like a self contained terrarium and even though the castle is a thousand or hundreds years old, an old robot is still taking care of the place and there are animals and plants living there. (There were no humans left, but I forgot if they died or decided to leave the place. It’s been awhile since I saw the movie)

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