I built off of last week’s assignment by adding a potentiometer to a p5 program. The goal was to use the potentiometer to control the movement of the moon. I had actually wanted to control the movement of the moon in the Y direction, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to, so I tried to make sure I could move it along the X axis. Here, I ran into a problem, the moon would not pass 255.

After struggling, I learned that the Serial Port in p5 doesn’t read more than 255, so I would have to map the reading in p5 to the width of my canvas to get a full range of motion. From there I decided to go ahead and use the potentiometer to control the Y movement of the moon, this time only allowing the moon to move from Y 100 to 300, mapping this made the circle’s movement much less sensitive to the turns of the potentiometer. I had also wanted to make it so that when the circle reached a certain altitude, bits of red would creep in from the edges of the canvas. While I got the gradient to be about what I wanted, I had difficulty animating it and abandoned that effort.

The video below shows the program in action. It would be best to watch it on mute.

Find the code on GitHub.


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