BLE Speaker Diagram

For a better understanding on what’s going on behind the scenes of the BLE Speakers, here is the diagram shown in class.


The (Neopixel) led ring that is around the volume knob, shows volume, and when pressed will change modes from normal, to fill the room / spatial (quiet closest to you), to follow (louder near you). The colors of the modes will be different from each other and the visualization will correspond to the mode (see below).

Normal Setting

The above image is a visual for the normal speaker mode (for 3 speakers), whereby the pixels would be stationary on the ring, possibly glowing or blinking.


The above image is of the fill or spatial mode, whereby the single led blinks and moves clockwise around the ring and the stationary line of pixels on the opposite side of the blinking single led move clockwise as well, corresponding to the single pixel.


The above image is of the follow mode, in which the middle led blinks and all three move clockwise together.



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