Bluetooth Speakers Prototyping Stage



Prototyping Round 1
Click on pict to play video.

Project Overview

This proposed project is to have 3 bluetooth speakers made that know their proximity to each other and the listener. They are envisioned as being modular, with the ability to listen to them at home or outside. The speakers would pair with a phone that streams audio, and would allow the for the following listening modes: 1) standard listening whereby all speakers play the same level; 2) follow me mode where the music would get louder according to where you are in proximity; 3) fill the room mode where the music is quieter nearest the listener and louder in the other parts of the room. Each speaker would have the ability to change the volume and modes, both locally on each speaker and globally for all the speakers.

Build of Materials / Unit

  • Bluetooth module BLE
  • Bluetooth moduleĀ audio
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino Micro
  • Rotary Encoder
  • Neopixel Ring (16 LEDs)
  • Digital Potentiometer
  • Speaker Driver
  • USB Charger / Power Supply
  • Audio Amplifier
  • DC-DC Step Up Converter





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