Infection! Game – Draft Outline & Data Flow Diagram

Mike, Vitor and I are creating a game involving the phones, beacons and, what else? Zombies (as well as Vampires, Werewolves and Ghost-sharks).

We are refining and developing it further, but after initial infection by proximity to the central infection beacon (we will use the TI SmartTags), the players go on to infect each other via p-to-p bluetooth connection “conversions” (see next paragraph), transforming from centrals to peripherals once infected as one of the types of monsters in play. The monster team with the greatest number of monsters wins.

However, monsters can be converted from one monster-state to another via a physical gesture which right now involves monster and potential convert shaking their phones similarly to gamblers shaking a dice cup before throwing the dice. This may change, but this is just our current state.

The Iphone application is in midstream development, but we may not be able to adapt this game to Android phones. Below is our current data flow diagram, describing the movements of actions and their associated data through the Iphone app in its current state of development. There are questions, as you will see, since this is still a work in progress. (Click to enlarge as far as desired.)

Data flow - Infection!

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  1. What are the roadblocks to adapting it for Android phones?

    Is there a particular reason to use the TI tags? From this description, it sounds like any of the BLE tags, or even the phones themselves, could be used.

  2. (1) Our game depends on the ability of the phones, starting in the Central role, to become infected (via proximity to infected sensors), to change to the peripheral role, and to subsequently infect other phones through advertising/broadcasting the infection.

    Android has only recently implemented the Central role for BLE in the 4.4 SDK, and there is still no support for the peripheral role. In a search I did online of comments and proffered hacks, I found nothing that would enable an Android phone to function in the peripheral role. Here is a good account of one such attempt:

    I am wondering whether or not we could use Andoid Classic BT, though, for Infection! It supports client and server roles, with the Client role analogous to the Central role, as the connector, and the Server role analogous to the Peripheral role, holding data and sending notifications. I’m not familiar enough yet with the technologies to evaluate whether or not this would work, but an additional issue has arisen.

    Certain kinds of immunity based on your phone OS may call for something like a gestural face-off.

    (1B) UPDATE! HOLD THE PROVERBIAL PHONE: I have just found this hack for BLE Android KitKat 4.4 to enable both central and peripheral:
    Bluedroid referred to here:

    We are going to investigate this and see if we can or if it would be advisable to try to use it or maybe even create a plug-in for it.?

    (1C) ANOTHER OPTION: We could also offload using BT altogether within Android, and instead work with the game as a WiFi P-to-P application for the Android users. Or use a plug-in for PhoneGap to do this.
    (2) We got the TI tags because we thought we might be using one or more of their built-in sensors and as such, thought that they might be most cost-effective. We also thought they were cool.

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