Dimitris Papanikolaou

DDes candidate Harvard GSD | MSc Media Arts and Sciences MIT Media Lab
SMArchS Design Computation MIT | Dipl. Arch. Engineering NTUA
www.dimitris-papanikolaou.com | cell: +1 857 928 1707

Office Hours: By appointment, Wednesdays after class (3:15-6 pm)
Email: dpap@nyu.edu between Mondays-Thursdays

Dimitris is an architect-engineer with a background on media technology and systems thinking. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Harvard GSD and a recent graduate of the MIT Media Lab (Smart Cities and Changing Places groups). His research explores how design, technology, and policy can create better ecosystems of cooperative work, with applications on cities, buildings, products, and services. At the MIT Media Lab he co-developed Mobility on Demand, a P2P vehicle sharing system of electric foldable cars that induces user behavior to rebalance the fleet. At Harvard his doctoral dissertation studies the circumstances under which self-governance can have a comparable efficiency to centralized control in P2P MoD systems using Boston’s bike sharing system as a case. Dimitris has also worked at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA (Computational User Experiences group) on tangible media and social connectedness, and the MIT Design Computation group on how assembly architecture affects productivity and team cooperation in product development especially in DIY contexts. He holds a M.Sc. in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, a SMArchS in Design Computation from MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning as a Fulbright Scholar, and a Diploma in Architectural Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in Greece where he previously worked as a licensed architect.