Cloudycandy (Adarsh, Eozin, Ran, Neil)

An experiment in the movements of shared bags of candy among students on the ITP floor. The intent is to analyze these movements and come to conclusions about the way in which students use and move about the fourth floor. We hypothesize that, like any system of shared finite resources, there are optimal areas to place them that will facilitate their movement and maximize sharing. Conversely, there are areas that are not conducive to movement of shared resources and will not help contribute to the system and to the spread of those resources. It is our goal to define these areas through running our experiment.

There are a few additional pieces to our experiment. Through the use of different candies, we can make assumptions about usertypes in our system and how users who prefer different candies utilize the floor differently. This, as well as through intentional re-placement of our candy bags in different areas, we can affect the system much like the rebalancing trucks in the Citibike system and visualize how those movements changed the behavior in the system.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 3.26.13 PM

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