Game Development

David Tracy, Dan Melancon, Saki Hayashi

For this week’s assignment, our team built a realtime online reporting tool as a proof of concept. This is important for our final game because it provides the framework to keep all players updated on the state of the system.

In abstract, here’s how it works:


In practice, here’s how it works:

1. Users connect to server via phone browser.
2. A websocket connection (via socket.io) is established between the client (phone) and the server
3. The client broadcasts their geolocation, lat/long to the server. NOTE: In our final game, this will be a running point total instead of location, this is simply for Proof of Concept.
4. The server receives the coordinates and broadcasts them to any other connected clients.
5. When the client receives the location of a player it hasn’t seen before, it creates a new player entry and adds its coordinates to the DOM.
6. When the client receives updated coordinates from a player it has seen, it updates that player’s coordinates in the DOM.

The code respository can be found here:


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