Rumors Game – Jiwon, Michelle, John and Haylee



Rumors Game – Jiwon, Michelle, John and Haylee

To potentially improve communication between ITP students (especially between two classes) by better understanding social divisions/cliques and flow of information in the community by testing viral spread of information in ITP network via a Rumor Game.

Misinformation/rumors are a form of information that have a natural tendency to spread virally in social networks and could be used to create an interesting game to learn about the topology of the ITP community/network. Through a rumor game, could we learn about the social cliques of the ITP community, and how interconnected people are? And how this affects viral spread of information in the ITP network and conversely, other networks?

Last year, 2nd year students dominated the ITP list serv and first year students did not use as frequently but could often be found posting on Facebook. It is also harder to meet students in the other classes due to how the curriculum is setup. By understanding the current flow of information within the community, are there opportunities to improve the community and communication between various members of the community? Especially given the diverse makeup of the ITP community with many people from various countries and cultures. One of the strengths of the ITP community and program is the network of connections students make while attending the program.


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