Class 3: Complex Systems Modeling and SimulationSeptember 17

Assignment 2 presentations


o   Structure and dynamics of systems

o   System Dynamics, delays & stock-flow models

o   Information and material networks: the “sneakernet”

o   Urban dynamics

o   How to use simulation models – what questions to address

o   Causal loop diagrams

o   Dynamic and static equilibrium of systems

o   Diffusion processes

o   Modeling distributions and trip patterns with stock-flow models

o   Trip time, repositioning rate

o   Discussion on MoD systems


o   Multi-agent systems & differences with stock-flow models

o   Agents, breeds, and behaviors


o   Vensim tutorial

Assignment 3

Expand the provided template model in Vensim (or develop a new one) and discuss the following questions: what factors limit repositioning rate? What is the maximum service rate? What affects unbalancing? What would be the optimal configuration of fleet size, parking size, and trucks? What solutions might improve the situation and what problems would they bring? Discuss your answers in the course blog and prepare to present your model next week in class.


Develop a new (or expand the provided) Agent-based simulation model of a bike sharing system using NetLogo addressing the same questions as above.

Post your findings in the blog and prepare to discuss them next week


Forrester, Jay Wright. Principles of Systems. Pegasus Communications, 1968

Resnick, Mitchel. Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams: Explorations in Massively Parallel Microworlds. A Bradford Book, 1997


Optional tutorial (after class, during office hours)

o   NetLogo tutorial


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