Strategy of the Commons Update


For this week, we worked on the final implementation of the networked side of our game. Because our game consists of a array of networked station that players pick up and drop off stock, we had to create a server and database that constantly updated each stations stock and bonuses as well as each players point totals.

When a player arrives at a station, they swipe their RFID card and received an alert on their phone. If the player has stock, they are alerted that they can drop off their stock, or if the station is full , they are denied. If the station has only one available slot, the player is alerted that if they drop off they will put a system wide penalty into effect. If the player has no stock, they are alerted that can pick up from the station, or if it is empty they are denied. If the the station has only one stock, they alerted that they will put a system wide penalty into effect.
Because of these dynamics, each player needs a constant update of the status of the entire system. This includes every players scores as well each stations current stock and any bonues that are in effect. We were able to accomplish this using a node server connected to a mongo database. Each player accesses a client-side webpage that is continuously updated via websockets from the server.

The front-end of the client has a simple data viz showing each player points and station inventory. In the next couple days we will refine the front-end to more clearly let each player know whether they are holding stock or not. We will also experiment with further game dynamics to better create an exogenous network.

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