This Week’s Assignment


MEET @ RAA..88 PINE ST. (entrance on Water St.), 3:15


  • Continue work on your Cabinet Case Statement ( a book that answers all the questions: what is it; why is it; where is it;  how big is it; who is it for {audience, target ages};incorporate the story and experience scenario from last week.


  • Describe/sketch a design of  1-3 experiences someone would have in your Cabinet.


  • What’s the name? What’s the come-on slogan, advertising line? Does it incorporate all/most of the elements of your Manifesto?


  • Make us fall in love with your idea and want to fund it! You have 2 weeks to work on this.


  • Tour of RAA, and info about their approach to design, current projects
  • Prepare a 5 minute presentation. You will present at RAA conference room to the class and maybe some people from RAAMedia