New York Hall of Science

The Hall of Science during maker fair weekend can be overwhelming,it is absolutely packed with exhibit booths that easily overshadow many of the museums primary exhibits and crowded with spectators.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.35.06 AM
I decided to focus on two key permanent exhibits during the madness of maker faire. The first being “Connected Worlds”. Being there with my 11 year old cousin allowed me to experience this exhibit with a member of one of the primary target audiences. I watched as she attempted to organize younger children in helping the water flow into the worlds to create growth, she was indeed a veteran of the exhibit but could not get enough of it. I watched as she played with her father and then joined in myself.

The next exhibit I went to see was the science playground, despite a run down appearance it was packed with children during this weekend, again kids could not get enough. I watched as they discovered ran up and down slides and manipulated objects that controlled vast arrays of physical objects throughout the playground.

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