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Dog Park Diorama

As a part of my daily diorama, I wanted to re-create my daily 15 minutes of happiness – looking at a dog park.

(Picture coming soon)

I grew up on a poultry farm around about 30000 hens, cattle, dogs, hedgehogs, mongeese, bats, and a whole bunch of fun insects. (I know, it’s a weird combination). Every weekend, I’d help my father plough the fields on the tractor and then we’d go looking for snake pits and just stare at them. Basically, it’s these memories that give me some warmth when I have to walk back home in this cold city.

Every morning (EST), my father makes sure to send me a picture of an insect or a bird, even if its’ the same one we’ve been talking about for days. I’ve never told him that I miss him and my mother + sister all the time, but he knows that it’s difficult coping with work and studies. So every morning at 6am right when I wake up, there’s an image of an animal. Recently it’s been this family of peacocks that have found shelter in the earlier hen cages.

So, to feel like I’m still home sometimes, I like to stop by the dog park on my way home to look at the overgrown puppies running around aimlessly. It makes me smile and helps me look forward to a time where I can keep a dog again.


Video of peacocks for now –


For a daily life diorama I wanted to share one of my favorite daily activities: flossing! 

Construction wasn’t too hard but took some ingenuity. I used a shoebox, construction paper, tissue paper, and a clear plastic egg carton for the teeth. Quite a bit of tape, and of course a piece of floss.

I really do love flossing and look forward to it every evening. When I was much younger I would never floss but I’ve had a lot of problems with my teeth and jaw over the years and have since become a total convert, maybe it gives me the feeling of being in control a bit more over a part of me that has been so unruly. I even take a particular joy in not flossing when I just feel too tired, like it’s a tiny luxury to skip flossing when I’ve been working until 4AM, a little something I can allow myself. As you can see my diorama fits in nicely with all the others.

My Diorama not a Diorama

My Watch collection

Get it… “my watch collection”, looking at a diorama, watching it, observing, seeing and telling a story. Hahaha, I’m funny.


Designed and composed with an aesthetic eye for display. This is an active display since I wear most of the watches, which is the intention.  It looks a little messy because I have added watches and hooks not giving the time for composition. A Diorama is all about composition in telling the Story.


Stock 14×17 white wood picture frame

Perforated brass radiator grill metal sheet

1/2″ aluminum s-hooks

My Sunday Life: A Diorama

My daily life diorama turned intoMy Sunday Ritual Dioramawhen I couldn’t zone in on just one aspect of my too-busy everyday life.

I typically save Sundays for myself. For God and for family. I don’t like to go out if I can help it, but make exceptions for celebratory fellowships and sometimes to do work that didn’t get done when it should have. On those Sundays, the good and special and now rare ones, everything is peace and quiet – there’s time to read leisurely and catch up on a show I’ve already missed 4 episodes of, and if I’m feeling especially one way or another, I go to church bedside. In my sanctuary, my bedroom with a candle burning and a mug of coffee or tea in hand, I am happy.




STORY BEHIND: I created a personal daily diorama. Every day, I ride a bike to get to school. Usually, I follow the Broadway since I live in the midtown of Manhattan. In the city, we have some tall buildings which have the antenna and they work as a landmark of this city. Also, many complex systems are going at the same time, not only constructed buildings but also stock markets and a sort of internet system. It tells me again that here is a global central city. In addition, in terms of the background of my diorama, personally, the layered cityscape is really interested to me. Perhaps, that’s why I enjoy taking a city photo.

Diorama—Through the Windows

Living in Park Slope, I pass by these quaint  townhouse apartments on my home everyday. I am not particularly attracted to the way they look. What I’m fascinated by is when these houses lit up from the inside at night and I can start to see a glimpse of the interior as I walk by—somehow it becomes a simple daily pleasure for me see these apartment windows lit up with warm light and catch a glimpse of the living room and its furniture. It makes me feel cozy. Also through what I can see from outside (not in a creepy way), I can also get a sense of the characteristics of Park Slope residents—lots of home with nice chandeliers and very modern furniture.

Diorama: Through the Windows

Day Time:

Park Slope during the day

Night Time:

Park Slope at Night

Glimpse of the Interior

Diorama of everyday life – Subway


Story behind – why did I want to create it?

Last week(October 2, 2018), an 18-year-old NYU student jumped in front of an oncoming train in Manhattan and committed suicide on the subway tracks, which reminded me of tons of similar stories about how desperate people living in New York City decided to end their lives this way. That NYU student was actually living right next to the apartment that my friend lives and was said to “never speak to people around”.

This sad story really made me think of what is really “under the surface”: 1. people might seem ok outside but are suffering from depression inside and never speak up. 2. The upper ground of New York City might seem glittering and stunning, but under that surface, there are dark subways with homeless people and literally there are people living under the ground (basement) in bad living conditions. 3. Or even, what is story behind the immigrant americans? How about their hard times and great effort just to stay in America? (Tenement Museum’s HARD TIME tour is a great example.)

Therefore, I decided to give the series of stories a name of “What’s under”: the hardships both physical and mental that  people are  suffering from to better understand NYC more comprehensively. And I believe these stories should be told. By facing /speaking up and admitting the difficulties in stead of avoiding talking about them, we can really release the stresses and have empathy for the people around us. (Ughhh I would very much appreciate it if any of you could comment or give some suggestions about this idea?)

As a quick start of the “what’s under” series, I made a tiny quick model of the West 4 subway station. Also instead of “danger” signal near the track, I really wanna replace that with “we love you” to remind everyone you are loved always and please don’t jump into the subway :(((

Diorama of everyday life – Subway

New York City’s subway is so different from Shanghai’s subway. Unlike Shanghai’s subway where all you can do in it is get on it and go to your destination, New York’s subway is much more interesting. It is like a little gathering place where there are all kinds of people doing different things other than taking the train: they perform, draw, read, dance, shout, or even live their lives here. And to me, it feels like a different world underground, which is fascinating and interesting enough to visit. I like its hot, smelly, dark, crowded as well as dynamic. I promise there are stories to tell under the ground.




Therefore I made a diorama of what I see when taking the subway everyday out of cardboard, foil and acrylic painting material. I tried to make it a space dark enough and feels like”under the surface”. And  I tries to use foil to create a stunning feeling outside as well as giving a texture of the ground and tracks in the subway.