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  • Office Hours Sign Up Using Google Calendar, 721 Broadway 4th Floor South Elevator

    Before First Class :  Static Drawing

    Introduction and Drawing — Your assignment before class is to draw a picture using numbers.  This will get you acquainted with the window for entering code.  Just do something silly.   This is more like formatting than programming and if you find this a little tedious, you will love real programming when we get to it next week.

    Week 2: Oct 28  Responsive Volumes

  • Week 3: Nov 4 Dance with Software

    • In Class:
      • Show student work on controlling sound and image with the body.
      • Talks about what you would do with it.
      • Plan a proof of concept for your ideas.
    • Assignment:
      • Start with an example that you had working in class or one of the examples at the bottom of the kinect page.
      • Reflect on the how this new ability to change sounds and images in realtime using your body might work with the themes you have been working on so far this semester.
      • Develop a proof of concept with one thing changing based on your body movements that may (or may not) the piece you have been developing in earlier weeks.
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