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Follow-up from Livia Veneziano


Thank you very much for having me! I loved getting to chat with some of the teams and see what everyone is working on.

Some resources that I’d like to suggest to those who are making digital products:
– (a collection of UI patterns & standard UX patterns)
– A book called “This is Service Design Thinking” (in particular, the focus on how to research, and how to ask the right questions upfront. Forget about all of the tools/processes, as they really might not be applicable)
– Apple/Android HIG guidelines (available online)

A few people asked about tutorials, and there are some examples of coach marks, or carousels that one can look at (I can shoot over some examples I think do a particularly good job) but I’d lean on the side of the code academy approach (learning by experience rather than reading rules upfront, like a board game) and also to remember that if it requires extensive explanation, start editing.

Thank you again! I’m looking forward to seeing some of these great projects out in the world.


Schedule change: flipping Weeks 10 and 13

Because of scheduling issues with presenters, we are switching weeks 10 and 13.

This means a change in homework assignments.

Instead of reading “Ugly Laws” et al., please read and view the assignment for Class 13–Aimee Mullins. Also, please take a look at The Fast Life of Oscar Pistorius, which is listed in the assignment for Week 12. Thank you for adjusting.

Our presenter this coming Wednesday is Livia Veniziano. She has experience with start-ups and has presented at Google, SXSW and UD14. She has recently joined the team at Talkitt, which, she reports, “is a really fascinating start up catering to people with speech disabilities.” Her talk will include design approaches and challenges.