Sensory Room Items (Strivright)

Faculty Mentor: Anita

Community Mentor: Chane Moser, OTR/L; Strivright School

Group 1:

Gabriella (IDM)

Camille (IDM)

Lauren (OT)

Group 2:

Avika (CS)

Jessica (OT)


Talk Birdy

Faculty Mentor: Claire

Community Mentor: Tara Byun, PhD. NYU Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Lisa (ITP)

Charmaine (IDM)

Anne (OT)


ICU Communication
Device(s) and Environmental Control

Faculty Mentor: Scott

Community Mentors: Holly Cohen, OTR/L, Tami Altschuler, MA, CCC-SLP; Both of NYU Langone and NYU Rusk

Will (IDM)
Jason (ITP)
Mark (OT)

(environmental control)
Yan (ITP)
Adisa (CS)
Ife (OT)

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