— Directing Virtual Reality

Here is our current documentation on where we’re at with the film

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Here is the storyboard for our VR film. I have tried to visualize the main scenes and milestones from the scene and put them in frames.

We explored leap motion but ran into a lot of errors so are planning to use some other medium instead. We are still exploring on the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch for the interactivity in our VR film.

Here is an exploration on the underwater scene in unity. We also explored on creating an interactive video bubble where the user can go inside the bubble and explore the video.

underwater experiment in unity for Virtual Reality Project from Swapna Joshi on Vimeo.

We shot 2 scenes – The tunnel scene and the first scene at the grand central on the ricoh theta and samsung 360 and are currently in the process of stitching and editing this footage.

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Directing VR

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We’ve got everything in motion having finalized our script, found our actor and half of our locations.

We updated our moodboard to reflect our changes in story and script.


We did some test shots on how the samsung camera looks, how it feels on a dummy, and how close you can get to the camera without a big distortion occurring.

We did a test of putting a 360 video in Unreal, with and without other objects in it.

Flor from Oriana Neidecker on Vimeo.

and have a rough of our “real” unreal world – we want to customize it more but this has all of the main elements

We’ve also located some 3d assets we want to potentially use for the rosharch scene

We’ve found our main actor who will be playing the psychiatrist and we’re in the process of filing the SAG paperwork

Our memory/world falling apart scene will be shot at the Black Lodge in Nolita.



We’re set to shoot the psychiatrist scene on Saturday and the bar scene on Monday or Wednesday.

What we need to focus on going forward on working in Unreal and building multiple layers of 360 video that can revealed/disintegrated through  raycasting to show the disappearing people/move between scenes.  I can imagine this turning into a logic problem and we’ll consider using Wanda as well.


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This class opened a very unexpected world for me: the world where the narratives we built include the viewer in its vastest capacity. The agency of the viewer never really triggered anything inside me, when I was making my previous works. As soon as I finished “Hamlet on the Holodeck” and “Creativity Inc.”, I decided to change my research about agency. I randomly picked books at our enormous library in the sections that intuitively spoke to me. One of the books that brought some new understanding of agency was ” Human destinies: philosophical essays in memory of Gerald Hanratty”. The chapter ” Mechanisms that respond to reason- an Aristotelian approach to agency”- was super profound and made me think about the viewer in a more grounded manner- as a human experiencing something in real life. One notion is bringing to light observation about every human being an agent (prone to act upon) yet not everyone or better say not every situation makes an agent contain agency. “In virtue of being agents we are also subjects”- the duality of our existence in this state made me understand that agency requires very well thought psychological trigger. Agency as an effect in the structure of interactive narrative transcends far and beyond the simple action of participation. There are fundamental reasons that make us a vessel for own agency. The transparency of technology makes the discovery of our own participation as if we were thrown into the ocean without knowing how to swim. I feel (again it is my personal opinion) learning how to swim under the unpredictable circumstances is something that infuses our actions with pure agency.

I am continuing my research and feel that we are only scratching the surface of this exciting new medium.

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– Swapna,Mary,Dimos

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We are currently casting for our project and ironing out the details of our script. We are nearly finished with the script, and we have prospects for each character in our project. Alex has started a project in Unity as practice for designing our environment. See the screenshot below.

As far as crew goes, if someone is great with sound recording, we’d love to have you on board! We will also need people to be extras.

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Mood board

Natasha & Alexia

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Penelope and I, are well on our way with our final project.  We have a most of our external crew onboard. The only individual we need to nail down is the grip. Since we are doing a Film Noir, the lighting is extremely important and so we want to be sure we have the right person for the job.

We had a team meeting yesterday with the Producer to go over the logistics and story idea.  After some initial feedback we are completing the rough script by next Wednesday and are reaching out to WondaVR to see if there might be any limitations to our vision.

We have decided to push our shoot date a week later so that we can go up the week before with the DOP to ensure we can get the shots we need. Additionally, we have extended our shoot to be two days and not just one.

When creating the initial schedule we allowed for some wiggle room, which I’m glad we thought about, because we are already using that extra time.

Things are looking good so far.

Chris & Penelope

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