— Directing Virtual Reality

Agency….Trying to dig deeper

This class opened a very unexpected world for me: the world where the narratives we built include the viewer in its vastest capacity. The agency of the viewer never really triggered anything inside me, when I was making my previous works. As soon as I finished “Hamlet on the Holodeck” and “Creativity Inc.”, I decided to change my research about agency. I randomly picked books at our enormous library in the sections that intuitively spoke to me. One of the books that brought some new understanding of agency was ” Human destinies: philosophical essays in memory of Gerald Hanratty”. The chapter ” Mechanisms that respond to reason- an Aristotelian approach to agency”- was super profound and made me think about the viewer in a more grounded manner- as a human experiencing something in real life. One notion is bringing to light observation about every human being an agent (prone to act upon) yet not everyone or better say not every situation makes an agent contain agency. “In virtue of being agents we are also subjects”- the duality of our existence in this state made me understand that agency requires very well thought psychological trigger. Agency as an effect in the structure of interactive narrative transcends far and beyond the simple action of participation. There are fundamental reasons that make us a vessel for own agency. The transparency of technology makes the discovery of our own participation as if we were thrown into the ocean without knowing how to swim. I feel (again it is my personal opinion) learning how to swim under the unpredictable circumstances is something that infuses our actions with pure agency.

I am continuing my research and feel that we are only scratching the surface of this exciting new medium.

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  1. cld1 says: April 26, 20172:01 pm

    Can’t wait to hear your further digging “Mechanisms that respond to reason” I am going to be thinnking about that for a while.

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