— Directing Virtual Reality


In the recreate a scene assignment, Peter, Alex, and I experimented with trying to create a VR camera headset. The purpose was, similar to the binaural head recording device, to put someone in the body of one of the actors. We wanted them to look down and see their body, to have their hands in the space, creating greater presence (even if they couldn’t interact with the world). We went about this by taping two theta cameras to a hat, one in the front, one in the back. We filmed the scene from every character’s perspective in this way, with the hope of editing in between them. We were able to stitch the two images together in Premier by simply overlaying the two video feeds and using masks, and then changing the offset so that they better fit. However, there was a problem with the headspace, which meant that there was a gap in the space covered by both devices, making it so we could not get the right stitch line. In the future, you will need use cameras with greater than 180 degrees of capture in order to use this method.


I’ve been experimenting a lot in tiltbrush as well. I’m very interested in the idea of “drawing the world” creating objects in tiltbrush that would make up a VR space: trees, flowers, etc. It is much harder to draw than I expected (I’ve never been a good drawer in 2D space, it’s harder in 3D space). The idea would be to import these things into a Unity environment and create something where a user could walk around in the space. I’m trying to preserve the drawing look as a style, instead of importing more photorealistic objects. Still working on it.

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