— Directing Virtual Reality

Feedback for some of my classmate’s works

Sunset (Alex/Penelope) – great location, time-lapse worked amazingly well.

Brooklyn Bridge (Dimos/Lauren)- location has a sense of opportunity. Anything can happen on the bridge. I felt engaged and experienced anticipation.

Ice-skating (Ashley/Oriana/Chris) – very dynamic and unexpected. The piece made me think more about the possibilities of 360 moving camera.

Trapped (Swapna) – the location was perfect for 360 video. Music really made the whole experience so rich and satisfying.

2017: Alice’s Odyssey (Lauren/Swapna) – very engaging and evocative piece. The locations and production design enriched the story and left me with a feeling of something magical.

Enter the void (Oriana/Mary) – the dreamy state was achieved, the performance was believable and overall atmosphere left with feeling of altered state. Location was amazing.


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