— Directing Virtual Reality

Progress (as of March 22)

Penelope and I, are well on our way with our final project.  We have a most of our external crew onboard. The only individual we need to nail down is the grip. Since we are doing a Film Noir, the lighting is extremely important and so we want to be sure we have the right person for the job.

We had a team meeting yesterday with the Producer to go over the logistics and story idea.  After some initial feedback we are completing the rough script by next Wednesday and are reaching out to WondaVR to see if there might be any limitations to our vision.

We have decided to push our shoot date a week later so that we can go up the week before with the DOP to ensure we can get the shots we need. Additionally, we have extended our shoot to be two days and not just one.

When creating the initial schedule we allowed for some wiggle room, which I’m glad we thought about, because we are already using that extra time.

Things are looking good so far.

Chris & Penelope

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  1. Sarah Rothberg says: March 30, 20172:51 pm

    Very excite about this project. Glad to see that you’re both taking it all the way!

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