— Directing Virtual Reality

Progress on the final Project

Here is the storyboard for our VR film. I have tried to visualize the main scenes and milestones from the scene and put them in frames.

We explored leap motion but ran into a lot of errors so are planning to use some other medium instead. We are still exploring on the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch for the interactivity in our VR film.

Here is an exploration on the underwater scene in unity. We also explored on creating an interactive video bubble where the user can go inside the bubble and explore the video.

underwater experiment in unity for Virtual Reality Project from Swapna Joshi on Vimeo.

We shot 2 scenes – The tunnel scene and the first scene at the grand central on the ricoh theta and samsung 360 and are currently in the process of stitching and editing this footage.

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  1. cld1 says: April 17, 20174:40 pm

    I can’t quite see the story boards –but for the underwater unity — work on the illusion of drag.
    When the frame moves like a person moves underwater the illusion is terrific — when it jerks quicker then you can the illusion is lost.
    Love the bubble ides.

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