— Directing Virtual Reality

  1. Sarah Rothberg says: April 4, 20171:56 pm

    hi all

    so glad you’ve posted the script!
    a few questions as i read through it:
    what does it mean to “get ahold” of the ball? is that sitll going to be a physical controller?
    how will the user interact, both physically (in the real world) and virtually (what will the interaction actually be?)?
    I’m assuming the bubbles will be 360 videos….
    You should check out “the Lab” demo for Vive to see how they do these transitions using 360 images as little bubbles you put on your head.
    think deeply about how the “user will intuit” how to interact with the oyster. maybe when the user looks at the oyster there is visual feedback (color change) or audio feedback ( a special sound effect) that happens, and as the user brings one of the orbs closer to the oyster that feedback strengthens?
    i’m very intriged by the escalator scene. is it video or is it CG?
    where is the sphere in the last scene?

    you have your work cut out for you with this script! how will you split up the work? i like the idea of it being a combination of 360 video and CG — very interesting to see how you could represent the orb in both.

    please make sure you work on executing at least a piece of this this week. you want to make sure that you lock down your tech asap, so you can start iterating on the content.

    good luck!

  2. cld1 says: April 26, 20172:09 pm

    I think the idea of linked stories about having and losing and finding are a good through line that now needs to be developed. Many of those things are embedded in the call to interaction…and how that creates in the viewer/agent/person the desire to move towards that.

    I would think about how to film the scenes in the bat and the others so that the visuals are not documentation of the activity but have the intrinsic feel of the joy or fear or love — and perhaps there isa a sound that can call them?

    Perhaps the golden ball can somehow feel like the return of the mother? expand and engulf in golden light?

    Perhaps the mother can be embodied in the sound of her humming in th ebathtub scene?



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