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Specu1ation :https://vimeo.com/39947942  http://speculat1on.net/

: One of my friends forwarded this game led by Katherine Hayles to me, but sadly my Unitiy web player is keeping making problem I actually couldn’t have chance to play this yet 🙁 anybody with luck?  Katherine Hayles seems to be philosopher specializing on the relationship between technology and human, and shift her focus to crisis of finance.

– mine

I made prototype of this messenger application : http://itp.nyu.edu/~hj657/blog/ait-live-web-pigeon-carrier/ last semester. I am thinking about monetizing it, but couldn’t think of the way to have a point with view that the class + I want.


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  1. Thanks for posting (like everyone should have!)

    I watched the movie and do have Unity but couldn’t quite tell what the game does. We can try to play it in class. (Unity is an easy Chrome plug in, fyi).

    I love your pigeon concept. It creates a false scarcity for your messages which then gives each one more value. I mean, if you’re going to task your pigeon with messaging a person, then he is out of commission for the whole time. The emphasis on local is great, too.

    I wonder if the “monetization” scheme might be less about money than helping to visualize the scarcity somehow – in a way that helps the recipient “realize” how much effort or value was expressed by the giver.

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