TipperCoin, MicroPayments, and ComicDrop

I’m still interested in exploring micropayments via cryptocurrency.

http://www.tippercoin.com/  – Tip with Bitcoin via Twitter. Open Source.

is a good example of using an existing network and auth process to handle small transactions of bit / doge coins.

Furthermore, Stripe is working towards accepting BitCoin. 

As far as how this intersects with my thesis, ComicDrop – I’m not aiming to have a functional micropayment system in place, and I think there is a lot of validity to the Clay Shirky – Users Do It For The Love not Money – school of thought. But I haven’t totally abandoned this notion that kids and users should begin to consider the value of the contributions they make online, and perhaps be compensated.

A buddy recently made a contribution to an open source project on github, and the project’s keepers tipped him with a bit of bitcoin. He didn’t expect it, didn’t assume it, but was really impressed and thankful for the gesture. I find the notion of replicating & exploring this experience compelling.



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