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I am excited by the prospect of using drones to capture environmental devastation! This could include stories like those I see previously mentioned on the blog (Sandy coverage, trash-filled coastlines along the Hudson, etc) which are great ideas, or:

Newtown Creek with its “15-foot-thick layer (in some places 25 feet) of polluted sludge¬†that has congealed on the creek bed.” This particular inlet near my apartment is especially startling to see from above.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.48.12 PM


Dead Horse Bay‘s trash-and-horse-bone-filled landscape. Read about it.




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Drone journalism is very much ‘for real’. It offers everyday people the ability to see events distantly and to convey scale and sequences of events in a way that only individuals / organizations with lots of money could previously. We can see our leaders’ fear of this journalistic peoples’ force in the way they are struggling to regulate our use of drones…

I do wish that it were easier to use drones to document realtime injustice – the battery life and environmental factors that make drones vulnerable are so prohibitive!

One site I might be interested in exploring with a drone is Dead Horse Bay, a continuously-leaking landfill and the home of a former horse-processing facility…