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Story ideas

IDEA 1: Trapeze on the Hudson River

TSNY, the trapeze school on the roof of Chelsea Piers, could be a good location for filming circus aerials. The President of TSNY, Jonathan, is an interesting artist and person and more importantly, someone I could probably get in touch with (he’s a friend of friends).

I think Trapeze is visually pretty great, especially if we show skilled people and it would probably be suited to the flying camera angle.


The challenges would include:

-Finding a story worth covering, whether it centers on the location and sports complex, people learning to ‘fly’ or the community of instructors involved in the success of that unusual business.

-Negotiating the private property aspect of it. The potential for flying at night (they have lights) might help us avoid attention.


IDEA 2: This little slice of Rockaway/Jacob Riis

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.11.34 PMI love this area. I think the proximity to the city clashes with it’s geography and beachtown feel. There are interesting abandoned spaces and large container ships on the horizon. It would probably take some digging to find a story here but who knows: maybe people are doing polar bear swims right now.

IDEA 3: HouseBoats of NY

There are some interesting house-dwellings in the city and they immediately lead one to imagine life on the water here in the city. 72nd st boat basin has a rule that if you haul your boat out to fix it you will lose your place and have to join the wait-list which leads to decrepit boats resting on the floor of the hudson that serve as fairly affordable housing for the mysterious residents. The Gowanus canal and Newtown Creek are also sites of boat-dwellings.