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Mission Proposal: EV Grieve

ev_grieve ev_grieve

One of my favorite blogs is EV Grieve. Their daily updates about what’s going on in East Village in New York City offers the community a forum to report humorous sightings to more serious incidents that often don’t make it into the news.

Covering some of these stories with a drone would allow a new perspective on some of the issues raised. It would be interesting to create a persona around the drone and the way it reports the stories.

Whether it is taking photos or video, my plan is to connect with the owner of the blog to see what story could best be covered by a drone.


Drone Journalism

The New York City Drone User group forwarded this memo to its users on Super Bowl Sunday:

“A FAA NOTAM/TFR has been issued for the greater East Rutherford, NJ metropolitan area for Sunday, 2/2/2014. The TFR establishes the flight restrictions in place for Super Bowl XLVIII and will be in effect from 5:00p until 11:59p EST. The affected area is the East Rutherford, NJ metropolitan area surrounding the MetLife Stadium. Outdoor model aircraft operations are prohibited within the 30nm circle during the specific times of the TFR. Model aircraft operations are further restricted within 1nm of MetLife Stadium from 12:00p to 11:59p EST. Be advised TFRs are subject to change with very short notice. Please check back often for the most current NOTAM/TFR information.”

This information was originally posted on the website of The Academy of  Model Aeronautics. It raises interesting issues regarding  drone journalism, especially, when it concerns future legislation and flight safety.

With drones rapidly entering the marketplace enabling journalists to cover stories in new ways, it will be interesting to see how these restrictions can ensure the safety of the public as well as free speech and the freedom of the press.