Is Drone Journalism for Real?

I strongly feel that drone journalism is not very different from internet journalism. 

The ‘journalist’ on the internet, under the aegis of anonymity, speaks freely about what he sees and conveys his opinion in a free manner. That is a moment he detaches himself from the person he is and speaks, rants, and sometimes abuses freely. Similarly, a drone journalist detaches himself from carrying around a camera and lets his extended persona aka ‘the drone’  be his eyes and ears.  I feel that it is a mere tool that is available to an individual to utilize. How one exercises that power is completely based on one’s discretion.

The major common factor between the two is the anonymity aspect. As long as one uses the powers responsibly, the risks will be minimized to a great extent. When benefits outweigh the risks, there is an increased possibility of acceptance and widespread adoption.