Mission proposal: Feature Story on Storm King Art Center

Storm King is an open-air museum and one of the “world’s leading sculpture parks”. It is located one hour north of New York City, in the lower Hudson Valley. Its collection comprises more than 100 sculptures by acclaimed artists from all over the world. The location of the park and the large-scale sculptures makes it an ideal subject for a feature journalism piece using UAV’s. Drones could provide exciting images not only of the art pieces but also of the natural environment surrounding the museum.

I imagine an interactive article that also provides a brief tour of the museum. Such article would allow to zoom in and out of the different pieces, providing multimedia content about selected pieces. It could also provide a map of the possible routes in the park from one piece to the other. Because of the museum size (500 acres), the project could be  shot in one or two days.

Footage from different moments in the day would be ideal (sunrise and sunset).

What is needed?

  1. Research on the park: enough information on the internet. The interesting part would be the visuals that we could provide using the UAV’s
  2. Contact Museum Director for interview: David R. Collens, Director & Curator
  3. Select some pieces.
  4. Research on emblematic pieces: Who is the artist? What’s the story behind the sculpture?
  5. Contact specific artists for possible interviews (possibly very difficult).
  6. Map routes, using “satellite” style shots.
  7. UAV’s footage:
    1. Shot of the whole park (Google Earth-like), by the DGI Phantom.
    2. Videos and pictures from individual pieces (multiple angles and altitudes, both with the DGI Phantom and the Parrot AR.Drones
    3. Images of the routes
    4. Video interview with David R. Collens

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