Project(s) update

The Hart Island project is on hold; I’ve mostly (but not yet entirely) lost hope that it will work out, for reasons I’ll explain in class.

I’m still helping out with (and excited about!) the Bell Labs project. I reached out to Jon Gertner, who literally wrote the Bell Labs book, over break, who was open to an interview; we’ll be interviewing him either this or next Friday (hopefully one date to be confirmed soon). I think he’ll provide some helpful context.

I’ve also become interested in droning the Gowanus Canals, that mysterious area in the very up-and-coming neighborhood that’s recognized as one of the most polluted bodies of water in the U.S. I’m in the process of researching the canal further and establishing an angle. A former colleague who has written on the topic provided some helpful contacts, including that of Gennaro Brooks-Church, who sounds like a fascinating character; I’m envisioning profiles of him and other individuals closely connected to canal conservancy projects woven with drone imagery of the canal itself.