Robotic Journalism Idea: Documenting Staten Island’s Ship Graveyard

Through my temporary expert class research, I became somewhat familiar and extremely intrigued by shipwrecks. Other than their historical value, most shipwrecks end up as accidental ecosystems for ocean floor species, including the critically endangered oysters.



One of the obvious things I had to research is whether there exists a publically accessible shipwreck site in NYC. I came across information about a lesser known ship graveyard that exists in Staten Island.

All my research about it indicated that the access to it is quite limited; there is a thicket around it that allows only for spectators to see the ghostly ships from afar. However, there’ have been some extremely great efforts to document the graveyard to amazing results, including haunting photos as part of a photography series by Miru Kim.

I feel that using drones, it would be really interesting to “explore” the ship graveyard, and possibly allow many other interested individuals to experience the eeriness of some of the ships that go back as far as WWII.