Story Idea: Bicycle Safety in Manhattan

Before I forget, here is a recent article¬†with photographs regarding the long-lasting effects of Sandy on Staten Island which I’ve read some of us are interested in covering.

Anyway, I’m interested in bicycle safety in Manhattan, which is a hot topic right now — this summer two pedestrians were killed after being hit by bicyclists in Central Park. I think this is a particularly appropriate story to cover in this class as an aerial view could possibly show the drastic speed differences between bicyclists and pedestrians in close proximity in a more striking way than a ground-level shot could. In my opinion, Central Park would be a particularly relevant place to film since so many tourists mosey around the area, as well as New Yorkers out for a leisurely escape. However, I see bicyclists maneuvering unsafely all over Manhattan: running red lights, going the wrong way down streets, riding through people-filled crosswalks and sidewalks etc. Again I think an aerial view could be extremely effective in showing just how dangerous some bicyclists can be.

I’m looking forward to hashing out this idea in class today if anyone else thinks it’s a topic worth covering.