The Drone Rung

On January 20, in the German-speaking part of northern Italy, a massive boulder rolled down a mountain and through a 300-year-old farmhouse. No one was injured, but the destruction the boulder caused was fairly devastating.

One of the first pictures released was this:

While it shows that some destruction happened, it’s hard to get a clear sense of the extent of the damage. Later, a local news outlet employed the use of a UAV to create the following video:

Instantly, the scope of the landslide is felt. At last count, 2.5 million viewers have now watched this video and better understand what it means when thousands of cubic meters of rock descend on farmlands and houses.

Video isn’t an inherently better medium to pictures, nor to audio, nor to text. However, advancements in technology improve everything. Text goes from static newspapers to dynamic websites, audio goes from radio to podcasts, advancements in photography and video gave us color and high definition, and now drones can put cameras where they weren’t able to go before, to tell stories in ways we couldn’t tell them. The more technology advances, the more aware we’ll all be of the world around us, and the more we can do to change it.