Research Areas & Presentations Order

Originally written on February 22, 2018 by dp9
Last modified on March 29, 2018 by Jiyao Zhang

March 1:

  1. Laura – Control (ownership & regulation) of media and communications tools (Range of tools/differences among them? Good idea for more or less regulation? How easy is it to circumvent regulation? Who are the regulators and what are the structures they take?)
  2. Jeff – Political trends around the world and the psychology of political affiliation
  3. Jason – Social Media, AI, IOT & the trajectory of political ideologies/systems (Presentation Slides/Research Notes for March 22)
  4. Luqian – The trends in the job market – What kinds of skills/educations are valued most in different countries (common jobs; highest salaries;)
    – How automation and AI impact job market
    – What had happened in the past? What could we learn from past?
    – The trend of the frequency of job changing.
  5. Alden – Algorithmic Decision Making in Bureaucracy, Public Policy, and the City

March 8:

  1. Alice – Income and Lifespan Inequality: Google Slides | Blog
  2. Michael — Different forms of Intelligence Augmentation (IA), Extended Intelligence (EI), and, in Google’s formulation, “People + AI” (PAIR), as alternative models to popular conceptions of autonomous AI. Research will hit upon main players in the space, voices on the ethics of the phenomenon, already existing examples of it, AI as helper (support role) vs. decision maker (executive role), patents or intellectual property laws, the cultural imaginary surrounding it, and trends going forward.
  3. Vincent – The ethical dilemmas of self-driving cars (Moral Machine)          – Current Outlook | Transportation(autopilot) | how many employees in motor industry / job market / researchers(HCI) | Survey / Argument about trend AI
  4. Jiyao – Global Migration, why and how? – Who and how many? – What is the pattern? Why and what is the impact?
  5. Gabriel – News Media Today – Who makes the news and who report’s it. – What is the role of traditional media companies and news agencies in the current age of digital information and social networks.

March 22:

  1. Andrew Lee, Wage and Employment Trends
  2. Kai :How ideal personal me changes & What is meaningful?
    Brief Summary
    How many and why people turn to a life of pure personal meaning perusing? (like work as a full time artist)   | Does it happen more? |  The transformation of meaningful in 30 years |  How money spend on this kind of consumption? |  new form of communication, size of meaningful industry  |  Does it increase or decrease of nihilism?  |  the other side of pursuing meaningful life: rates of addiction, suicide, depression, use of drugs (prescription or illegal), as well as mass shootings, conversion to terrorism  |  Look into hikikomori
  3. M.H. : Role of Traditional Gender Roles in the New World
    What are traditional roles? | Why are we tempered the way we are? | Biology/Society, Nature/Nurture, How much are we in control? | Do we have radical deviations that turned out for the better? | How long is long enough for us to figure things out? | How are places with switched roles doing?