Useful resources & readings around Development, ICT and Innovation:
UNICEF Innovation
UNICEF Stories of Innovation
Engineering 4 Change
World Bank FailFaire
Mobilizing Makers For A Better World
ICT Works
50 Global Issue Makers Can Solve, Make Magazine
UNICEF Innovation Annual Report 2014
Mobile for Development by GSMA
Sustainable Energy 4 All
Water and Sanitation Program
World Bank Video YouTube Channel

Useful readings and materials for Panel discussions:
#1: Data & Data Science
Social media fingerprints of unemployment
Fake News Is Not The Only Problem and more
The Data That Turned The World Upside Down
Kolibri project mentioned in class
Hans Rosling’s TED Talk
Ben Wellington’s The NYPD Was Systematically Ticketing Legally Parked Cars for Millions of Dollars a Year- Open Data Just Put an End to It

#2: Future of Transport & Information
Drone delivery economics
Drones for transport companies: Amazon Prime Air, Matternet, Vayu, Zipline.
Aerial assessments during Sandy
What Is Driving Uber Global Impact

#3: Identity & Links
Blockchain in practice
Princeton guide to What are Bitcoins
Bitcoin resources
Blockchain innovation
Beyond the blockchain
Tracking tuna via blockchain
Blockchain and supply chain
Mobile Money
Kenya Leader in Mobile Money
MIT Forum on Blockchain (lots of great links & resources)
Blockchain based microgrid in NY
Usizo Project

Other interesting readings:
How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist

On Failure in International Development:
Facing global development’s fear of failure
Strategies For Learning From Failure
The F-Word
Problem with International Development

Challenges, calls for proposals, funding opportunities:
Gates Grand Challenges –
Gates Grand Challenges Grants –
Buckminster Fuller –