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 Spring 2015

Hi Prospective Students.

In 2015 I will be rearranging the syllabus to emphasize the manipulation of image over physical interface.


  • Week1: What is programming, What is Processing, Image Command
  • Week2: Change:  Code Blocks, Looping, Video, Tint, Blend, Filter, SubImage, Mouse
  • Week3: Time:  For, If, Pixels, Image Processing, Thresholding, Edges, Blurring
  • Week4: Structure: Computer Vision, Video Tracking
  • Week5: More Structure: OpenCV, Kinect Depth Sensing
  • Week6: Organization: Objects
  • Week7: Show Midterm
  • Week8: Many Cameras: Images on Network IP Cameras, SmartPhone Cameras
  • Week9: Data: Instagram API, Google Images API
  • Week10: Research
  • Week11:Final Project Proposals
  • Week12:User Testing
  • Week13:Show Final Projects


Variation on these Syllabi, ICM  Comperas


 From Spring 2014

  • Week 1: January 27  Electric Marks
  • Week 2: February 3  You are a Master of Atoms and Bits
    • Show: Switches
    • Topic: Software
    • Tech Arduino application, setup, loop, if statement
    • Assignment: Have your program do more than one thing.
    • Before Next Class Read This Variables and Analog IO
  • Week 3:  February 10 Variation and Analog IO
    • Show: Conditonal Switch
    • Tech: Variables, Variable Resistors, PWM
    • Assignment:
      • Stupid Pet Trick.  Follow some silly, ridiculous notion in demonstrating your mastery of things like digital and analog I/O.  You can be profound if you must.  Post on the blog using category “Stupid Pet Trick”
      • Watch videos about drawing 
        • Download Processing.
        • Draw something in Processing using commands like rect, line, ellipse, fill, stroke etc.
        • Post and maybe picture on the blog under category “Paint by Numbers”
      • Also watch videos about Flow, MouseX, MouseY –we can do the assignment base on them in class
  • Week -:  February 17  Presidents Day
  • Week 4: February 24  Drawing and Animation
    • Show: Stupid Pet Trick
    • Topic: Symbols
    • In Class:  Different Programming Languages, Set Up, Draw, MouseX, MouseY to make a paint program.
    • Assignment:
      • Watch Videos Variables If Statements –Make something that bounces off the walls.  Please use “Animation” category.
      • Watch video about loops and  Functions (maybe objects)  — will do assignment in class.
      • Reading: Lev Manovich
  • Week 5: March 3 Scale (Part 1)
  • Week 6: March 10 Scale (Part 2)
    • Show: Art or a Game (with functions and for loops)
    • In Class: Create Objects, store them in arrays and attend to them in for loops.
    • Assignment:
  • Week -: March 17 Spring Break
  • Week 7: March 24  Telecommunication
  • Week 8: March 31  Pixels
  • Week 9: April 7  Parsing Text
    • Show Vision
    • In Class: Parsing Data
    • Assignment:
      • Create a Data Source or Use External Datasource (Category Data)
      • Make a Final Project Proposal
  • Week 10: April 14
    • Show: Data
    • Due Blog Post about Characteristics of Computational Media (Category Characteristics)
    • In Class: Final Project Proposals
    • Assignment: Start Final Project
  • Week 11: April 21  User Test
    • Show: Final In Progress
    • Topic: Feedback
    • In Class: One on One Feedback
    • Assignment: Finish Final Project (Final Project Category)
  • Week 12: April 28 Final Presentations

Also see Introduction to Physical Computing and ICM syllabi

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