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brightness & tint

is this the right section? i’m not sure. here is one of the things i tried to do with video this week, which is to change the tint of the video depending on the amount of brightness change. i also made a few other programs that all add a video filter type of thing depnding on motion, but haven’t been able to do anything very interesting. what i really want right now is to change the tint of the whole video to different colors depending on location of the movement on the screen. this is really just mr. shiffman’s example of total motion

brightness tint video


plus-plus drip

i recently joined a multimedia artist collective and i’ve been working on visuals for it. it’s called the ++ collective. please watch the sketch at the following link:



Animated Eyes

I wanted to make something interactive, so I made eyes that blink with the mouse movement. I dunno, it got a little weird. You can see it here.



A Salute to Arduino

saluteFor this project I used a flex sensor attached to the inside of my elbow to tell a servo motor where to point. When my arm is down, it commands me to salute. When I salute, it tells me to be at ease.  You can watch the video but it’s essentially the same as the gif.


Mother and Baby Sphere in the Playroom

For my design I tried using some animation and some 3D shapes. I don’t have a solid grasp of it yet but I got something working. View it on my website.


Five Finger Switch

The idea behind my switch is that it is a hand, with each finger switching on a different LED when combined with the thumb. The metal bits are meant to go on the tips of the fingers of one hand. The red wire is the thumb, going down to the pinky with the green wire. When you touch your thumb and pointer finger, the red LED comes on, thumb + middle finger = blue LED, etc. A combination of fingers will turn on a combination of LEDs, but the combination must include the thumb.  I got this idea with the hopes of making it into gestural video art. Instead of LEDs, the combination of fingers would turn on different videos, or layer them in different combinations.

five finger_1

five finger_2


the code:

void setup(){

void loop(){

if (digitalRead(6) == HIGH){
else {

if (digitalRead(8) == HIGH){
else {

if (digitalRead(10) == HIGH){
else {

if (digitalRead(12) == HIGH){
else {


where the f**k are my keys

When you place your keys on the hook, the LED lights up. The hook is made a bit springy because of the wire inserted behind it, so the weight of the keys hanging weighs it down enough to touch the aluminum foil plate behind it, attached to the “wall.” This sexy box is meant to simulate a wall that the hook and keys would be on. Ideally, this setup would be located near your front door to remind you not to leave your keys behind, as my boyfriend did after class last week and called me to whine about being locked out.

the guts no keys keys guts in a box