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Catch One Direction


For my final project, I went further with the One Direction game I have been working on for the past few weeks! It now has four levels, a start screen, and end screen. The game can also be restarted by pressing ‘r’ and if the user chooses to leave the game before they reach the end, they can press ‘q’ and it will bring them to the quit screen (different from the winning end screen). For music, I made a mashup of a handful of their songs. The user doesn’t have to just listen to one song! I was going to add some sort of sound effect for when the crazy fan catches one of the boys… but as the number of them grew.. I could feel my brain wanted to explode from that number of repetitive sounds.

Also, if you are curious about which songs I used for the background track:
“One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)”
What Makes You Beautiful
Kiss You
Live While We’re Young
Best Song Ever
Happily (one of my personal favorites)

Level One:
This is the slowest level with only one of each member. I also decided to put the instructions on this page with a transparent background with mildly opaque instructions (made in Photoshop).

Level Two:

Level Three:

Level Four // Bonus Level:

Quit Screen (in case you don’t have the patience to get to the end!):



End Screen:



————CODE ————

Member Class:

CrazyFan Class:


Characteristics of Computational Media

Computers were created to make things easier. They were made so that humans didn’t have to do mindless computation. An algorithm can be written and a computer can work with enormous numbers in a faster amount of time than a human could.
Tone is one of the biggest complications in communicating through computers and communication in general. Not everyone has the same sense of humor or the same level of understanding. Someone can say something they believe to be harmless, but for some reason or another it is taken in an offensive manner by the other person. This is made even more difficult when people are communicating through by way of computers. The style of someone’s writing can be very different from how they would convey the same message if the person was standing in front of them. The generational gap also has an effect on communication. The younger generation is more casual about how they compose their messages. It’s harder to read into how serious someone is. Computational media definitely helps with artistic expression and can also aid in evoking a desired mood in the viewer.



For this week’s assignment, I tried to find a fun data set.. I ended up finding some random set a professor took of the color distribution in packs of M&Ms. I am trying to use the average number as the radius of a circle in the window to visualize the data, but right now I’m running into a null pointer exception that I’m trying to fix.


**Heart Eyes**

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 2.49.53 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-13 at 2.45.08 PM

For this assignment, I wanted play with something that tracks your eyes and places hearts above them, similar to the popular heart eyes emoticon.persons-0007  I tried using the eye detector codes that were up online.. But I couldn’t get any of them to work. I also tried to somehow manipulate the face detection coding.. But that also wasn’t working..  I was getting very annoyed and defeated so I left it alone for awhile and then came back to it and decided to just fiddle with the tracking color.  This however also gave me some problems.  It didn’t help that my hair color is very similar to my eye color at this point in time.. So I had to resort to covering my hair to some degree.. Work can still be done to it… It doesn’t work amazingly, but it’s decent.



Back to Chasing 1D… (It works now!)


For this week’s assignment I wanted to have the arduino communicate with the crazy fan who is chasing One Direction. I changed the code to make it so that the crazy fan would not be moved by the mouse, instead she would move around randomly just like the members. My goal is to catch/freeze whichever member the fan is over by setting off the sensor. This gets into knowing when an object is on top of another which I am having trouble with. I am going to keep working with it though to try to figure something out.




I fixed the code! Now they all freeze separately when the sensor is pressed!



So I’m obsessed with One Direction…


Hard to believe… But yes, I have been under the British/Irish boy band’s charm for years now..

For this week’s assignment, I started to work on a game where a crazy fan was chasing around One Direction. There’s definitely a lot more work to do with it.. I want to have something happen if the fan is over one of the boys, but nothing happens when I implement anything mouseClicked(). I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the construction of a new class and how it accesses that. I probably over complicated the code.

Here’s a video of the program running!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 11.18.25 PM


When It All Falls Down

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.47.32 PM

For this project I wanted to create more than one circle and have them almost fall down the screen. I had to create a circle object to do this for more than one circle to appear.

Here is a link to the video of the output




Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 1.18.57 AM


I like cats, so I decided to make a cat!



Urgency Alert

Using what we learned last class, I decided to use three red lights to alert the workers at the library when something needs to be checked out.  The idea is that when there are more items stacked in the box, or if there is just a heavy item, more of the red lights will light up letting the workers know.

The censor is undisturbed, indicating that nothing is in the box.
The censor is undisturbed, indicating that nothing is in the box.
One red light comes on.
One red light comes on.
Then the second.
Then the second.
Then the third!
Then the third!



Switching It Up

When the switch is turned on, the blue light is illuminated and the red and green lights are off. When the switch is turned off, the red and green lights are on and the blue light is off.





void setup(){


void loop(){

if (digitalRead(4) == HIGH){

}//if HIGH

if(digitalRead(4) == LOW) {

}//if LOW

Time to Check Out

I’ve been working at the NYU Law Library and part of my job includes checking periodicals/magazines/law journals out to faculty members. When an item is to be checked out, it is placed in a wooden box that can be seen from the table my coworkers and I are stationed. I had an idea to make a switch that notifies me and my coworkers when something needs to be checked out using an LED light. The items can be anything from a few pieces of paper stapled together to a large 600 page book. For my switch, I used a photocell that I soldered to two longer wires. The photocell alters the luminosity of the LED light. When the photocell is covered, the light dims. This switch accounts for the periodicals that would not weigh enough to set off a compression switch. I covered the wires with electrical tape and flattened them so the photocell can lay down in the box. When an item is put into the box, the light dims alerting my coworkers and I that something needs to be checked out and is then done in a timely manner.