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Why things doesn’t turn out how it’s supposed to be?

My original idea didn’t work so I just sort of went with my mistake and made this…

It is supposed to rain Oscars and leo’s head is supposed to be your mouse, trying to catch his dignity and glory. But the image won’t load, and the oscar (now blood) left a trail behind it. So now the project became weirdly violent and emo….

Object Oriented: Space Jam

Space Jam was on TV. ’nuff said.

Michael Jordan’s firey, inquisitive eyes are the only thing that can block the five Monstars’ (Pound, Bupkus, Bank, Blanko, and Nawt) shots. Use your mouse to block the shots.

I tried adding music, but couldn’t get around a file type error. See the commented out parts (audio code from Anna). Next steps include:

-a score/block counter

-debugging for the egdechecks

-more sound effects

-idk, you tell me!



If you ever need crazy colorful circles for whatever reason

(But where is my shooting star?)


too much travolta for one brain to handle…

So I have turned my travolta ball into an object and created an array list to organize various objects. However, for some reason I’m having trouble having to so a new ball is created with each click. For some reason, it either creates 2 or 3 new balls- but never more than four. Sadly, I’m not going to be in class today but I will keep tinkering away. I’m probably getting close to breaking the world record of longest stare-off with John Travolta’s face- so, if someone has any ideas I would gladly appreciate them.


This is how far I’ve gotten…

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 2.18.47 PM








And this is my code:



Lunch Under the Sea!

It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there, and you start out on the bottom of the food chain in this game.. As a tiny white fish (controlled by your mouse), gobble your prey and if you eat enough, you grow in size. Just make sure to avoid your predators!

Can you make it to the top? 

Level 1

Here’s the entire setup (I include pictures and a certain font type so they’ll be necessary for running it successfully)

Download: Lunch Under the Sea!

 Here is my main code: 

 And here is my separate fish class file: 

PS. Make it to level 4 and you’ll see a surprise.  Can you conquer the sea?


Potential improvement:

-I think I’d like to to make a smoother transition from game over to the reset level 1. I’ve had the displeasure of the pressing a key to reset the level but then automatically dying again because my fish is placed over where the predators are drawn..

– Fix this weird glitch where sometimes two fish are “eaten”

-Fix “stuck” moments

FIXED!! Pee Dodge – The R.Kelly Saga Completed


For this week, I worked on a game that I started at the end of last class. Unfortunately, over break my access to computers/internet was much more limited than I had anticipated, so I did not have as much time to work on this as I would have liked.

The basic premise is dodging drops of R.Kelly’s pee by controlling an avatar which follows your mouse. Every time a pee drop hits, text should pop up saying “GROSS!” but I had some issues with getting int and float to work together, and figuring out .intersect. Hopefully I will be able to make some progress, but if not, maybe you guys can help.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.41.18 PM

I found the code for the moving eyes here, so all credit for that feature goes to that awesome programmer:

Here is the video:

And the code:







Risky Business (Take a Chance on Cheese)

This time around I used an array to make many cheeses and added a nasty carpet in the background. And the little mouse is in there, too!

I tried to see how I could get the cheese to identify when it was clicked, but couldn’t figure it out. Ideally, as the mouse eats the cheese, the cheese would disappear.

Cheese Array Files




plus-plus drip

i recently joined a multimedia artist collective and i’ve been working on visuals for it. it’s called the ++ collective. please watch the sketch at the following link:



Piggy Bubbles

So I wanted to make something with bubbles just to figure out object oriented programming. But I wanted to take it a step further by adding something with popping. Then I thought… WAIT…. I NEED SOUND! So I decided to add a wide variety of sounds with each bubble corresponding to a different sound.

Here's a screen cap of the program running.
Here’s a screen cap of the program running.

And here is my code, the sound files were taken from and I’ll put them on my flashdrive so we can hear them.


and here is the bubble class with the functions:


Lucky Star

For this assignment, I wanted to try a little bit of everything. I tried out the P3D mode of animation, the minim library, push and pop matrixes, and a PShape definition as well as object oriented stuff. Admittedly, some of the code is found which I then tweaked. Whatever I did copy, I made sure I understood it so that it was still a learning process(ing) lol. What was important to me this week was to just try out everything and get a grasp on what I could. This assignment has a few files to go with it, so here is a zip file of it 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 9.11.43 PM




Geometry Game

The purpose of the game is to move the mouse to move the circle and avoid the moving shapes. If the mouse hits one of the shapes, the circle’s radius gets larger until it grows to cover the whole screen. Some of the shapes change color if it touches the mouse-circle. Players can press ‘h’ to freeze the shapes for 0.5s and move the mouse around (as a helper), and press ‘q’ to restart the game. I want to add ‘levels’ to the game by increasing the number of shapes on the screen after a set amount of time by adding a boolean/timer buuuuuttttt…… uh I still have to figure that out!!



… v a c a t i o n …

Exam on Thursday… I’ve already mentally check out.
A visual representation of my [mushy] brain.


So I’m obsessed with One Direction…


Hard to believe… But yes, I have been under the British/Irish boy band’s charm for years now..

For this week’s assignment, I started to work on a game where a crazy fan was chasing around One Direction. There’s definitely a lot more work to do with it.. I want to have something happen if the fan is over one of the boys, but nothing happens when I implement anything mouseClicked(). I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the construction of a new class and how it accesses that. I probably over complicated the code.

Here’s a video of the program running!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 11.18.25 PM