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**Heart Eyes**

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 2.49.53 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-13 at 2.45.08 PM

For this assignment, I wanted play with something that tracks your eyes and places hearts above them, similar to the popular heart eyes emoticon.persons-0007  I tried using the eye detector codes that were up online.. But I couldn’t get any of them to work. I also tried to somehow manipulate the face detection coding.. But that also wasn’t working..  I was getting very annoyed and defeated so I left it alone for awhile and then came back to it and decided to just fiddle with the tracking color.  This however also gave me some problems.  It didn’t help that my hair color is very similar to my eye color at this point in time.. So I had to resort to covering my hair to some degree.. Work can still be done to it… It doesn’t work amazingly, but it’s decent.




This game was supposed to be a simple “Welcome” to the spring and a farewell to the winter. I used the color tracking technique, so the player is a bird. In the background, the snow and rain fall. The bird must simply catch the sun and then slowly the bad weather will clear.

To downlaod the e


Here is my SHAPE class.




the fuzz

I made a simple motion detector making images out of previous frames. The change in RGB color is detected and then given a color to emphasize the change.



This party is so not happening

I tried to use face detect to control the paddle in the Zoolander game. I got stuck  🙁


Janky Sticker Tracking

jankystickerMy intention this week was to use color tracking to track the weird sticker I found. Simply by copying and pasting the color tracking code and making a few small adjustments, I was able to get my camera to track the weird sticker I found successfully. I learned a lot from this, and started to understand the code, but it’s nothing new. However, what I hoped for was to use a mouse click to change the background entirely so that the only thing we see is the color that’s being tracked.  That way, it can sort of be used as a little identification card so if someone wears it in a crowd of people, we only see the sticker/or the tracker. Another step to this would be to track the movement of whoever is wearing the sticker by drawing a line from their various positions. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to activate this. Here’s the basic code for the color tracing though (it’s not exactly original though!)


It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (Brain Tracking)

So I was busy and just kept my program simple. I just took the color tracking program, made the ellipse into a bucket, and added falling raindrops. If you catch 20 raindrops “Winner!” shows up on the screen. I tried to add sound but I kept getting a NullPointerException so I just am using external sound. I also tried to have an image appear that said “Winner!” instead of just text but it gave the same error. As for the brain, well I just had it laying around and needed something colorful.

Here is the program in action.
Here is the program in action.

And here’s the code, I didn’t clean it up because I was busy, but it works!



Popping Bubbles

hello earthlings

this week i decided to pop bubbles with video




Music Video redefined

Video feed where certain pixels change color based on their brightness, which the color being based on MUSIC. MUSIC. VIDEO. get it?

I realized I have no idea how sound works, so this is very bruteish.


K so…

1. Pick an mp3 from your music library

2. Copy/paste this code into processing, save it under whatever name you want

3. Add a folder titled “data” to the folder containing the .pde filde

4. rename your favorite mp3 file “crispy.mp3” and place it in the data folder

5. Run da trackkkkkkkkkk



I decided to switch out my last travolta post with a different one. I wanted to make to I could have a bird (a bluebird) perched on my shoulder. So I wrote a little bit of code to make that possible…

I kind of ran into similar issues that I had with my previous Travolta mask. This time, I used a pink post it note as my distinct color for the bird image to attach to. However, because the image of the bird (even though its a PNG/transparent image) is larger than the bird itself, the image wouldn’t lock directly onto the pink square. Instead, it fell about a few pixels below (as you can see with the screenshot below.) Thus, my original plan to stick the post it note to my shoulder failed…


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.31.37 AM


The bird still moves around a bit. When it’s on my other shoulder…It kind of looks like its pecking at my head. I think this is because there is a bit of pink in my skin/lips.

here’s my code:



Sex Bomb


For this week, I used the camera to detect a light on my dogs head, and used processing to place a crown there, thus making him a pretty, pretty princess. It’s a pretty simple design, and I mostly used/modified Dan’s color pixel chase code. The LED is just an LED hooked up to two batteries with some tape. I found it works better when following a light. It would be cool to explore that with infrared as well, but I had a hard time getting my IR LED to work right.






brightness & tint

is this the right section? i’m not sure. here is one of the things i tried to do with video this week, which is to change the tint of the video depending on the amount of brightness change. i also made a few other programs that all add a video filter type of thing depnding on motion, but haven’t been able to do anything very interesting. what i really want right now is to change the tint of the whole video to different colors depending on location of the movement on the screen. this is really just mr. shiffman’s example of total motion

brightness tint video