Retreat into Plato’s Cave

It is nice that we started out in the physical.  Until now we have evolved to live in the physical.  Moving forward being able to better manipulate simulations using symbols on screens seems to be getting more important.  Symbols are great.  It is much easier to move the word couch than to move a couch.  Of course the word version is less comfortable but once you have seating arrangements covered you tend to move on to playing with virtual simulations using symbols.

Ever ambitious, we going to start by bypassing the easy symbols, words and work on interactive simulations using visual symbols.  What does the computer have to offer here?  You must be growing used to this answer.  The computer can change the symbols so fast it can move at the speed of conversation rather than publishing.  It took us 5000 years to come close to catching up.   The computer describes the pictures (digits) using numbers and you only have to change the numbers to change the picture.  That reminds of a joke about convention of comedians…


  1. Processing Environment
  2. Coordinate System
  3. Drawing Functions

Downloading Processing

Download Processing 2.0

Watch These Videos and Do Drawing Assignment

  1. 1.0: Drawing with Pixels
  2. 2.0: How to use Processing
  3. 2.1: RGB Color

If your prefer books, Chapters 1-2 from Learning Processing.


Draw something in processing using commands like rect() ellipse() fill() and post the code and maybe the screen grab

Watch These Video and We will Do Assignment in Class

If your prefer books, Chapters 3 from Learning Processing.



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