Flappy Bird, Remembered

This is a rudimentary model of the iPhone game, Flappy Birds. I originally wanted the pipe ┬ástructure to be automated by a motor, but that system had too many complications. Thus the version you see in the video is simply hand-operated. Don’t hit the pipes or the ceiling or your flappy bird will fall.

The green LED indicates that the game is on, while the red LED indicates that the game is over.

To the flappiest of the birds, you will be missed.


The motor (if it had worked)
The entire setup
Are you ready to play?


#include <Servo.h>
Servo servoMain; // Define  Servo
void setup()
  servoMain.attach(A0); // servo on pin 7
  pinMode(A3, INPUT); //touch sensor input
  pinMode(1, INPUT);
  pinMode(2, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(3, OUTPUT); //LED game start
  pinMode(4, OUTPUT); //LED game over


void loop()
  int angle = 0;
  int stat = 3;
  for (int go = 0; go < 1000000;){
    digitalWrite(3, HIGH);
    if (analogRead(A3) >= 5){
      digitalWrite(4, LOW);
    else {
      digitalWrite(4, LOW);
    if (angle < 30){
      angle = 30;
      digitalWrite(4, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(3, LOW);
    if (angle > 110){
      angle = 110;
      digitalWrite(4, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(3, LOW);




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