Graphite Variable Resistor


This week I created a switch that is itself also a variable resistor.

It turns out that graphite is conductible. So I hooked up an LED and watched how I got a different brightness reading on the LED depending how far away my power and ground wires were to each other. It makes sense, the farther away the two wires were, the more resistance and therefore the less output on the LED. The closer the two wires were to each other, the less resistance, and the brighter the LED became.

This is possible without software because it is totally controlled my where the power and ground are physically to each other. The next step would to be figuring out how I could create an interesting result to how much output is created by the LED.

Also, graphite is hardly conductive, it took a lot of effort to create a conductible image. I’m wondering if I can create a variable resistor from graphite based on the intensity of graphite…?


Movie on 2-24-14 at 12.36 PM


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