Light (and a coffee break) at the end of a reading

(I think I cheated because there’s a human hand involved. Oh well, here goes…)

I had some coffee cup sleeves lying around (I was in Intro to Sculpture last semester and to avoid paying more than the required $350 studio fee, I recycled and repurposed my materials) as well as a book I’ve been struggling to read for a class this Tuesday (how typical). Then I had an idea: Why don’t I turn the sleeves into bookmarks that help me track my progress in completing my reading assignments?



So I spent 3 hours attaching a gangly wire (which may be, regrettably, ugly and distracting) to the Starbucks sleeve, to be used for a page I start off reading, and the other to The Bean sleeve, for a page I want to read up to (the goal being, on the same day). When I reach “the finish line,” I would tuck The Bean sleeve into the Starbucks sleeve, which would turn on the pretty blue light! Then I would help myself to a dirty chai from The Bean because I deserve it — reading is an intense workout.

(Don’t play around with the sleeves and turn on the light if you haven’t finished reading for the day.)


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